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Cryo Therapy

This process is now being utilized by and used by numerous chiropractors, medical professionals, dermatologists, athletic trainers, rehab clinics, as well as, professional sports franchises around the nation. Everyone from elite athletes to the average person looking for pain relief or recovery has used Whole Body Cryotherapy for its therapeutic and recovery effects.

Midlothian Spine & Sport is proud to feature this innovative process designed to support the body’s natural and unique ability to heal. Decades of studies from numerous institutions have shown it to be both safe and effective for a staggering variety of conditions and goals.

Here's how it works...

Inside the cryosauna, which is a tall, cylindrical chamber where the client stands, the body is surrounded by hyper-cooled air at an average temperature of -220 degrees for 21/2-3 minutes. Cold sensors in the skin send a signal to the brain which causes blood to rush to the core. As blood is circulated through the core, toxins are flushed and the blood becomes enriched with oxygen and all the necessary enzymes and nutrients.


During, and immediately after, Whole Body Cryotherapy, all crucial life processes are accelerated. If the performance of any organ or muscle was low or impaired, these deficiencies are remedied as much as possible by the enriched blood. Recovery time is shortened while the energy level is dramatically increased, leading to higher performance and a competitive edge. Muscles are rejuvenated while fatigue and soreness is significantly reduced or eliminated. Lost time due to injury is also greatly reduced through the acceleration of the healing process within the body. 

The temperature levels in the cryosauna are brisk but very tolerable. Many compare the sensation to standing in front of an open freezer door. The brisk exhilaration causes the brain to release high amounts of endorphins, which cause some to feel energetic or full of life. The buoyant effects from each session may last anywhere from 1-2 hours to 1-2 days, depending on the individual.

Many feel significant benefits after just one session. For continued benefits, one session per week for one month, with continued sessions 1-2 times per month is recommended. For relief of significant pain or skin disease 10 sessions in close succession (3 times/week) is recommended for maximum results.

The metabolic increase will raise the body temperature above normal due to the body burning more calories and waste and should not be confused with a fever. The good news is that this immune stimulation will cause the one less apt to become ill.

The cabinet is spacious and remains open to the top portion, leaving the client’s head out of the cabin and upper shoulders free to move about. In addition, the door is never locked and the client may step out at any time. Even those who are typically claustrophobic do not generally have any problems.

For those who are pregnant, have uncontrolled blood pressure, seizures, Reynauld’s syndrome, or acute infection Whole Body Cryotherapy is not recommended. Clients within the ages of 16-18 can get cryotherapy with parental consent.


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